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One of the specialities you will hardly find anywhere else are our remote networks. Instead of installing the network on site as usual, we will build you a network in a data center. They not only save investment costs and a lot of space, they also gain high flexibility and security. Sounds good, but complicated? Don’t worry, we’ll take care of everything you don’t want to do yourself. You can also withdraw or change at any time without notice.


With the remote networks, we have created a solution that uses modern technology so that your workstation and data are always where you need it. Instead of buying servers and workstations, rent them and expand or shrink the network as needed. Since there is no fixed term, you are flexible and only pay for what you use.


Our remote networks are basically the same structure as local networks. However, the servers and workstations are not located on site, but in a data center in Germany. This ensures that such a network is optimally secured, fully air-conditioned, monitored around the clock and perfectly connected to the Internet. Instead of a large PC, you only need a small box on site to connect your monitor, keyboard and mouse quietly and economically to the workstation in the data center. This may sound complicated and fragile, but it is extremely robust and stable.


The only requirement is a stable Internet connection, which is available almost everywhere these days. More important than speed is stability. Even a radio link from an island is usually sufficient.


Since this is the only requirement, you can access your network from the office, home, hotel or vacation without restriction. Everything is always there, nothing can be forgotten. Valuable data is not carried around on notebooks and cannot fall into the wrong hands. It is a very modern type of office work and the perfect solution for collaboration across multiple locations, no matter where in the world they are located.


We offer the remote networks as a pure rental solution. Without investment and without notice period you can rent your network monthly at a cost of 375,00 Euro plus VAT. You can administrate it yourself or entrust us with this task. Changes are possible at any time, you book servers and workstations as required. You do not have to be a specialist or call in one. You tell us what you need and we will do the rest for you.


We do not want to ignore the peculiarities of this solution, which it is essential to take into account. Your local computer or notebook communicates with the data center in a double-encrypted form. No data is transferred, but only the screen contents and your entries. This works perfectly for office work, but not for games, videos or music. The connection is unsuitable for these so that you will not enjoy it. Simple solution: Games, videos or music can be played from the local computer, work is done on the remote computer.


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